Author Mark F. Geatches

Mark’s life has progressed in three main chapters. Chapter one: Music. Mark received a Master’s degree in trumpet performance from Florida State University. He performed for several years, including a three year stint in Germany, before moving on to chapter two: Business. Mark built two small businesses which allowed him the opportunity to try a third chapter: Writing. As he nudges his creativity and ambition in a new direction, Mark now builds fiction. Through every period, music has remained his constant companion. Mark finds music and writing the perfect mental connection; the nexus of focus and inspiration. 

Mark’s short fiction has been published in Romance Magazine, Cowboy Poetry Press, Faith Hope and Fiction, Infective Ink, and A Thousand and One Stories.

PJ’s weekend began like any other, but his sense of tranquility was mere illusion. Hunted down and poisoned by a wicked humanoid strain, PJ slowly loses his health and sanity as a lone giant races to save him. 

After centuries of solitude Tamar’s decision to save PJ has unforeseen consequences. He unwittingly kills Krell, the vorteh Emperor’s son and heir to the throne, placing a mark on his own head. Now Tamar must perform the nearly impossible task of creating an antidote that will save PJ, while avoiding marauding vorteh death squads. With PJ’s outcome unknown Tamar makes one final decision. He confronts Emperor Dedac, sacrificing his life to save the lives of PJ and his family. 

No animals, humans, vorteh, or giants were harmed during the writing of this book.
Well, maybe some vorteh were.

Hardback ISBN: 9781629895819
Paperback ISBN: 9781629895826
eBook ISBN: 9781629895833
Genre: Middle Grade Action/Adventure/Fantasy
Release Date 11/28/2016