Author Debbie Kump

After graduating from Cornell University with degrees in Biology and Education, Debbie Kump taught middle and high school science in Maui, Seattle, and the Twin Cities and worked as a marine naturalist aboard a whale watch and snorkel cruise. Debbie lives in Minnesota with her husband, two sons, and three Siberian huskies. She especially enjoys writing early each morning; teaching; coaching youth soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and baseball; and dogsledding her kids to school.

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Thirteen-year-old Jessica Davis’ dull and average life ends abruptly when a vivid dream turns shockingly real, exposing dangerous family secrets. Flung into a world of shape-shifters, Jessica must begin training on a remote South Pacific Island. At first, homesickness seems her primary concern as she forges new friendships in this lush, tropical paradise. Yet her situation quickly deteriorates when she finds herself despised by a vengeful classmate and haunted with frightening visions of the guy she loves. While confronting these challenges, Jessica grows to realize her true potential, eventually discovering that not only has her physical appearance transformed…but also her soul.

Recommended Ages 10 - 14

Print ISBN: 9781937593735
E-Book ISBN: 9781937593742
Genre: Middle Grade Adventure
Release Date 12/15/2011
As eleven-year-old Trisha Larson struggles with adjusting to a new school and accepting her mother’s latest boyfriend, she relies on her small dog named Scruffy for support and companionship. But one blustery winter night, Scruffy fails to return. Alone in the frigid darkness, she searches for her missing pet. Then the clues begin to mount. Can Trisha solve the mystery of Scruffy’s disappearance and bring him back home?

Print ISBN:      9781938961342
E-Book ISBN:  9781938961359
Genre: Middle Grade Suspense
Release Date 10/15/2012